A documentary by Judith Bourque

52 minutes - Copyright 2000
Judith Bourque Film

Meet the real Patch Adams, medical doctor and clown whose life is portrayed by Robin Williams in the Hollywood movie "Patch Adams". Through an in-depth interview with Patch you will hear his story...about the journey from suicidal despair in his youth to the decision to devote his life to the study of how to heal through joy and laughter.

The viewer also gets an inside look at Patch's project - an ideal, non-profit hospital under construction where a medically trained staff will work together with alternative practitioners.

"Beneath his clownlike persona lies a great deal of wisdom, and it often falls to court jester to speak the truth that those in power need to hear." - Bernie Siegel, M.D.


Columbus International Film & Video Festival,
Honorable Mention.

This film was selected for viewing at the Western Psychological Association's Annual Convention, year 2000.


"This program intricately details medical doctor Patch Adams' life and unconventional medical philosophy...Commentary by Adams' supporters, social activists, and others who talk about their experiences and philosophy is equally telling. An excellent program to circulate with the popular movie, this might also find a spot in medical and nursing schools." -Booklist

"Anyone who enjoyed the Hollywood version of this story...should check this documentary out...A welcome change from HMOs and managed care!" -Fellowship Magazine

"'The fool performs a sacred role in the community...a teller of truth standing naked in the marketplace...confronting the powerful with playful disorder.' This commentary, from Ken Feit, aptly describes the enigma that is Patch Adams...Perfect for college effective documentary of the power of the human spirit, and one man's quest to address the problems in the American health care system." -Jennifer Harrison, North Carolina Wesleyan College

"For high school and up; useful to stimulate discussion of humor, healing, and values. Recommended." -Melinda Davis, Univ. of Tennessee Law Library, MC Journal

"Whether you hail 'Patch' as an example of what doctors should be like, or dislike him because of his constant in-your-face clowning, this program allows you to base your opinion on fact, not movie fiction. Recommended." -*** Video Librarian

"Finally a physician who understands that wholeness means incorporating every aspect of the human experience. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see the work of a true healer." -Leo G. Frangipane, M.D.

Judith Bourque has been an independent filmmaker since 1980 and film editor since 1986. Her production company works mainly with documentaries. Worthy of mention is her 16mm film "Sowing for Need or Sowing for Greed" on the genetic manipulation of food (1989 Mannheim Film Festival, Gold Dukat, the Public's Prize, Special Merit Award, Earth-Peace Intl. Film Festival) and her very recently released TV documentary, "The Real Patch Adams".

From the

Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams

Patch clowns for Victoria, a little Russian girl who has cancer.

Summer volunteers at
Gesundheit Institute
try out the
new theatrical costume, "Mama".

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